Find Out More About Torah Writing in Jerusalem

Published Jan 18, 21
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Find Out More About Sofers In Tel-Aviv

Find Out More About Torah Writing in Jerusalem
Find Out More About Sofer Stam in Jerusalem

2 Below is a brief section from a phase on mezuzah cases from my brand-new book on the legislations of mezuzos Mezuzah: Divine Security as well as True Blessing. The function of the mezuzah case is to decorate as well as protect the mezuzah scroll. Mezuzah situations need to be in excellent condition (פמוטים מעוצבים). 3 The instance must be shut off well so that the mezuzah does not obtain wrecked from wetness from the wall4 or from rainfall.

The instance should look respectful as well as stunning. Each case should be restored occasionally5 equally as somebody would renew his/her clothes and also other properties. Just how a lot a lot more so must one restore the mezuzah instance when it concerns honoring Hashem with the mitzvahs, as it claims, "This is my G-d and I will certainly embellish Him."6 It is composed in the name of the Baal Shem Tov7 that it is correct to stay clear of housing the mezuzah scroll in an iron instance.

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This is attached to the regulation that it is forbidden to utilize iron to carve the stone Mizbeach (change). 8 Worrying silver as well as gold mezuzah instances, the Daas Kedoshim9 suggests that it was always prevented because of the issue that the cases would certainly be taken. Nonetheless, several in practice do not use any kind of kind of metal mezuzah cases,10 even if there is no concern of them being stolen.

One might not lower a divine thing such as a Sefer Torah, tefillin or mezuzos to a lower station of holiness11 as would certainly be taken into consideration ill-mannered to the mitzvah. 12 A mezuzah instance that was made on Shabbos by a Jew must not be acquired or made use of. 13 Human figures14 (or the sunlight or moon)15 on a mezuzah instance ought to preferably be avoided for housing a mezuzah parchment.

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17 It is consequently better to stay clear of purchasing, making use of, or marketing such mezuzah cases. If one currently owns such an instance and also one does not intend to do away with it, it seems one can abrade the nose of the plaything human porcelain figurine mezuzah situation. 18 This mezuzah case is only a profile (i.

not a complete 3D photo of a human), as a result, it is exempt to the above pointed out guideline. 19 However, it appears that it is still proper to avoid. 20 Animal images (in general) are not a trouble. 21 Nonetheless, for a mezuzah instance, considering that one touches it, and also some kiss it, it appears recommended to prevent using this sort of case. See Tur (Yoreh Deah 285). Tractate Sofrim 3:13. Tosfos Bava Metzia 102a. Pischei Shearim 285:25. Shemos 15:2. This is taped in Daas Kedoshim 289:1 where it is created that he heard that this relates to all steels, nonetheless, the Daas Kedoshim was in question if this was also said by the Baal Shem Tov or an audience included it on his own, because it is implied from the Sages that the issue of reducing one's life just relates to iron (see the Magen Avraham Orach Chayim 180:4).

Find Out More About Torah Writing in Ramat Gan

For the nails that fasten the mezuzah instance to the doorpost are normally made from iron, and only worrying a table, which is likened to the Mizbeach, is there a trouble of having iron (like knives on it during the Birkas Hamazon), however not so regarding a mezuzah instance. See, however, the Pischei Shearim (289:86) that refutes this proof given that the nails ought to not be compared to the case of the mezuzah due to the fact that they do not touch the mezuzah directly.

Ibid. See Nesivim Bisdeh Hashlichus Vol. 1 (p. 94)who brings this practice in the name of the Lubavitcher Rebbe. See also Pischei Shearim (289:86) who quotes this technique in the name of the Skolia Rebbe. Menachos 32a. R. Moshe Weiner writes: In addition to decreasing the holiness of the tefillin battim, one is disrespecting the tefillin battim (for one had to drill openings in them).

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